Blogs and RSS

I was looking forward to learning about RSS feeds – I assumed it would be really difficult.  However, I was pleasantly (and arguably foolishly) surprised to find the process as easy as it is.  Considering the readings and sites we looked at this week, I now feel RSS feeds essential.  I think my largest challenge – informationally speaking – is keeping up with the almost overwhelming volume of content out there online.  One thing I have grown to appreciate with sites, such as Twitter, it the filtering and aggregation of  all the voices, opinions and services out there.  I wonder how much I missed in the past, simply because my focus was too cluttered to discover it.

RSS feeds also add a valuable currency to the equation as well.  More often than not, I am too busy to see everything I want to see.  Sure, I regularly hit the fun spots, like Pitchfork or the AV Club, but I having an application do the work for me.  I wonder if this is a large part of what social media is: applications that do much of the online heavy lifting.

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