Cloud Computing and Privacy

This week I planned to skip a post on the cloud computing (having an assignment due did factor into this decision), but I have been doing a little more thinking – particularly since our last skype session.

I have especially considered privacy issues.  Of course, storing data within the ‘cloud’ may expose unwelcome scrutiny or proprietary concerns.  However, secure access and ownership are concerns outside the internet as well.  Heightened vigilance over these issues should be important, but sometimes I wonder if we lose focus as we talk and talk about whether kids post too much personal info on Facebook.

In the discussion, Prof. Neal asked if anonymity is important – at least as information professionals.  It appeared that a lot of the consensus landed on privacy protection, with much of the emphasis within the context of online over-sharing.  While this may be a worry with personal information, I wonder if  we should be more open professionally.  I suggested as much in the discussion, but was a little disappointed that there was little followup.  (This was late in the hour, so I do understand the reluctance or disinterest in exploring the issue further).

I think ultimately, as information professionals, we must understand what we can about privacy.  This understanding should rise above nicknames and anonymity.  We are professionals and should be unafraid to put our professional names out there.

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