The Mobile Web

So I was hoping to have my first podcast attached to this post, but so far, little success.

Some thoughts….

I think the first challenge was how to decide on what application to use.  I think one recurring (if perhaps largely unspoken) theme is how many options and tools exist to engage social media.  We have explored many of the more heavily utilized tools and applications (like Twitter or Facebook) but as we dip into less used methods like podcasts, there is SO MUCH to research and understand.  For this podcast I decided on “Recorder Pad” for the Ipad.  I was close to using the Garageband (the tool most recommended for Ipad users) but balked at the $4.99 price tag.

Recording the podcast – after a few initial false starts, was relatively easy and I have been able to play the file back, email it and export it from my iPad to my computer.  However, posting the thing has proven frustrating.  The file is a .caf file – something that is not supported by servers that I wish to publish on to.

These issues are due to my tool choice.  I will have to select another application and get back to this.

My reflections on QR Codes and the Federal Court Library will have to wait!


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