Final Post

It seems odd – to be perfectly honest – to be writing this final post for my final class.  Indeed, this will be the last thing I write for my MLIS degree.  I wonder if this is a common thing: a distance class was the obvious choice for the fifteenth class after co-op.  It is a nice way to end the experience.

That said, finishing the degree with a class on social media, evades any notions that I have closed the book on my information education.  As was noted in Prof. Neal’s final post – social media evolves amazingly fast.  I think I should be seeing this final class more as a springboard into these technology possibilities, rather than some kind of door closing.

My perspective on what social media is has transformed significantly.  Certainly I did arrive at the class with some appreciation.  However, concepts introduced in this class has added considerable depth to how I will approach electronic information.  For one (really recent – I just finished an article) example is mashups.  Mashups were probably something I took for granted, until I was made to realize what was electronically happening behind the scenes.

I am also interested in urban spaces, so I was keen to watch this Salon series on walking:

The most interesting part of this article was the link to a walkability site.  You can enter your neighbourhood and the site will determine – through different mashuped data sources – how walkable that neighbourhood is.  Social media meets my corner.  Here’s mine:

I love this.  And it only demonstrates the potential for what we can achieve with better understanding of how interactive social media works.  If anything, I love how social media works with the physical library and expands it outwards.    This understanding is crucial and I am glad to have this first taste.


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